Stephen Ghosal

Stephen Ghosal


Client Centered

Stephen is part of LPL Business Solutions, a service that provides industry-trained LPL professionals who can simplify operations and streamline LPL advisors’ practices.

Stephen's financial services career spans over a decade, including positions in business banking, private banking, and investment banking.

Stephen’s previous experience in Private Banking as a Vice President of the bank serves vital for his new role as CFO. On one end, he was able to work directly with financial advisors and serve as a partner and as a coach to ensure they are providing the best experience and advice for their mutual clients. On the other hand, from a business standpoint, Stephen understands the necessary skills, behaviors, and business practices that are required to run and manage a successful financial institution. Both of these different aspects combined with Stephen’s ability to develop and execute financial reporting, data insights, and growth strategies to help advisors thrive in their business. 

Stephen received his BA in Economics from San Diego State University and his MBA from the University of Arizona in 2021. He is an avid traveler, foodie, sports enthusiast, and enjoys staying active by going to the gym, hiking, and playing basketball. Stephen was born in San Francisco, CA and now resides in San Diego, CA.