Thea Fradette

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There’s a benefit to having an advisor stick with you for decades. Someone you’re in sync with, who can answer questions before you even ask them. Someone invested in your future, and that of your kids, and future generations. Someone you trust with everything you value in this life.

Thea Fradette

Senior Marketing Consultant

Client Centered

Thea Fradette is a Senior Marketing Consultant as part of LPL Business Solutions' Elite Strategy team with over 7 years of digital and traditional marketing experience. She has resided in the financial services space for over five years. Thea completed her business degree at Bay de Noc in her home state of Michigan and loves both the analytical and creative facets of Marketing.

Outside of work, Thea spends lots of quality time with her husband and two children, reading, playing a crossword puzzle, listening to music, or playing with her Border Collie, Daisy.

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